The modern hygienist does more than just clean teeth. You are a licensed professional with the responsibility to promote oral health and provide health protection strategies for your patients. In order to do so, you have an obligation to study the science and practice of recognition, prevention and treatment of oral diseases and conditions as an integral component of total health. This study club hopes to serve that purpose by offering a variety of continuing education opportunities over the course of every year.

Upcoming Events

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OCTOBER 27, 2018 - "Perio Boot Camp"

This lecture series will be a discussion grounded in all the fundamentals of periodontal disease: Diagnosis, Prognosis, The Perio-Systemic Connection, and Treatment. And much more! 

WHO: Dr. Bernardo Bianco, Dr. Douglas Storch, Dr. Angeline Kuznia

WHEN: Saturday October 27, 8am - 12pm

WHERE: Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel, 10605 Deerwood Park Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

WHY: 3 Hours of Continuing Education 

Please RSVP by October 10 to or

(904) 398-1136 or click on the link below:

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